Zach's Face


My name is Zach and I'm glad you've somehow ended up here.

I'm a software engineer currently between jobs. I'm looking to join a company whose mission I believe in and whose values I share.

I like working on things that can ultimately be simmered down to simple design and powerful impact.

I love the complexity and creativity that frontend coding and design work brings.

  • Out running with my dog, Panda.
  • Building websites in order to learn more about my craft.
  • Reading science-fiction books. I'm currently enjoying book one of four: We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E Taylor
  • Hanging out at home with my wife and two young daughters.

  • Everyone deserves a place on the web to call their own and this is my litte spot. I do my best to ensure my spot feels like a living, breathing thing. Thanks for stopping by!